Acupuncture is a system of natural healing that has been practised in China for thousands of years. In China, acupuncture is used to treat people with a variety of illnesses. The diagnosis and treatment is focused on the individual, their constitution, improving their general well-being as well as the treatment of specific symptoms.

The principle aim in treating the whole person is to restore the equilibrium between the physical, emotional and spiritual aspects of the individual.

A traditional acupuncture treatment involves insertion of very fine needles on acupuncture points. This has the effect of removing any blockages and regulating the smooth flow of Qi, thus promoting a natural healing process, reducing pain, improving bodily functions as well as enhancing general well-being.

The technique of moxibustion is sometimes used. This involves the use of smouldering herbs to warm and stimulate the channels or acupuncture points.

Cupping, in which vacuum cups are used to draw out dampness and toxicity or to promote Qi and blood circulation.